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At North Devon Sensory Explorers we provide a space for children and adults to explore, experiment, develop and learn.

Here at North Devon Sensory Explorers we welcome you to our multi-sensory and messy play facility in Braunton, North Devon.


We believe Messy Play and Sensory exploration play a vital part in early childhood development.

It allows individuals to tune into their senses, sparking their curiosity and helping them to understand the world around them through touch, smell, sound and taste.

Our intimate facility contains a Sensory room and play area which provide a wide range of stimuli, to help users develop and engage through their senses.

We believe our facility is particularly beneficial to those with learning difficulties, developmental disabilities or sensory impairments. It allows them to explore different sensory experiences, helping them enhance their cognitive development, fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional development, physical development, speech and language development and build on their creative skills.

It can also play a big part in helping individuals to self-regulate their emotions, it can often be a calming experience, enabling them to escape from any distractions.

 Our whole facility can be booked out on a 1:1 basis or for groups of up to 6.

Users will have the opportunity to explore and experiment through interaction with different objects and raw materials such as sand, water, chalk, paint, play dough and much more. Imaginations can run wild and time can be spent making discoveries, stimulating curiosity and developing knowledge of the world we live in.

Our Sensory Room can be booked out separately for up to 2 users, this allows a safe, quiet space for individuals to relax and enjoy at their own pace.

We also provide Respite care, to allow parents and caregivers the rest and recuperation they deserve.

this service is available during the working week and school holidays, for anything from an hour up to a whole day.

Who are we?

My name is Jade and I am the owner and founder of North Devon Sensory Explorers.


Before starting my own family I worked for 7 years, in both mainstream and private schools, supporting children with their development and learning. Whilst in this role I grew a passion for working with children with additional needs.

Being dyslexic myself, as a child I found school a really hard and scary place to be. My aim as an adult was to make sure my students could thrive and enjoy their time in the classroom.


When planning lessons, I made sure they were fun and engaging, helping each child to feel like they had achieved something at their own individual pace.

This sparked my interest in the benefits of play based learning and sensory activities. A number of my students were on the Autistic Spectrum and it was clear they benefitted greatly from this type of learning, not just in the classroom but also in a social environment. The more time I spent working alongside these amazing individuals the more I realised that, what originated as an interest, was slowly becoming my passion.


However, once it came to the weekends or school holidays there were very limited facilities for these children to continue their development.

I had so many parents asking me if I knew of anywhere that provided a specialist sensory facility for their child. Out of school activities were too challenging and the only sensory classes they could find were for babies and toddlers.


After the birth of my own beautiful daughter, I decided I needed to follow my passion and embark on a new adventure, providing these children with the facilities they require.

This is North Devon Sensory Explorers. 

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Photo by Christy Quinn Photography 

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